7 Ways to Hold Space For Those You Disagree With

Rather interesting writing, I must say. A different take on Romans 14 and one I e had trouble with because of the whole ” both could be right ” but that’s primarily from atheists that tend to be guilty of that black and white thinking that won’t allow for ” both are right “. It’s something to consider, in my opinion and I hope some atheists can accept that possibility too.

Colby Martin

Holding Space

Unless you’re part of a fundamentalist cult, then good luck finding a faith community where everyone believes the same thing.

Granted, some churches are more homogenous than others. Certain theological perspectives have narrower views of what it means to be a Christian, and as a result their churches are made up of people who mostly agree with one another (or, mostly agree with the lead pastor). Other theological perspectives are inherently more open due to their broader understanding of what is (and isn’t) important, which can make for a more diverse church body.

Sometimes, though, it is easier to talk about and idealize diversity of belief within a church body than it is to actually live in to it. The risk of proclaiming that your church “holds space” for everybody, and that everyone is welcome no matter their creed, is that then you might actually get people in your…

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