I’ve been introduced to Richard Cranium


Okay, I know some of you are tired of “atheist themed blogs” but bear with me as this deserves sharing . First let me ask the theists out there a question. l

how does one keep their testimony online?

I must share with you a comment that sums up a hopefully small percentage of atheists “true” opinion of theists.
I must say that one issue theists have with atheists is that they can’t live out their atheism! In other words a lot of atheists aren’t consistent with their atheism and the YouTube atheist you are going to read in a moment is coming close to living out his atheism in a consistent way. I guess in that respect I should point out that at least he is being honest in that atheism represents (to him ) the values outlined in his comment.

I sincerely apologize for the coarse language but it’s an important part of the point I’m trying to make which is that there is a percentage of atheists out there that hate Christians . I don’t mean that it’s just a disagreement in philosophies rather I mean this YouTube atheist trulyhates Christians!! Was such a comment “necessary” to make his point? Of course not!! It’s just inflammatory hate speech! Notice the post! I’m not making assumptions about this guy. He admitted several times that had he “hated” me on the basis that I’m a Christian !

Alright then. I accept that there are certain, shall we say not like minded folks that are simply full of hate and rage and really need therapy. I must also question a few things but one thing that has always puzzled me is why the back and forth commentary I have had with atheists includes,not just swearing, but a whole new level of creative discourse. I use that word creative as loose as I possibly can. These days it seems expected that the bulk of conversations I have with atheists are going to include swearing a blue streak on YouTube for that special sociopath in-training.
I’m sorry did I say sociopath? Oops, I didn’t mean to “offend” anyone. Just forget I said that, m’kay?
Moving on—
I wont release the name of the YouTube channel that these comments are written on but you better believe that in the 21st century this type of militant behavior is all too common. Strangely enough the militant atheism carries with it an unusual type of “acceptable behavior”. What I mean by that is illuminated in one of the social network sites dedicated to atheism. It seems that for this particular group of online atheists that its more offensive to say to someone ” I’ll pray for you ” than it is to say ” F**k you “. Now, I know this may seem weird to a lot of readers ( as it seems weird to me ) but the atheists were very descriptive when I asked them to further illuminate to someone like me exactly why ” I’ll pray for you ” was so offensive. Do you know what the most common response to this was?
In a nutshell I was told ( not in so many words ) that if I had to ask why then I was not smart enough to carry on a conversation with anyone on that site and it was suggested that I seek answers to ” dumb questions ” on another site that was tolerant of ” ignorant Christians “.
Okay,now that you have a better idea of what I’m dealing with here let me introduce you to the subject of this blog. I had found what I thought might be an interesting site since the title alone was what you might call aggressive and encourages the ” herd ” mentality that is present in every group of people no matter what you believe. I decided to read the ” ABOUT ” section to get a better idea of this persons intentions. What I read was essentially a short attack on religion ( this site was focusing on Christianity,of course ). I decided to comment on what I had read.
This was my only comment to him:
(Sigh) and they say Christians are full of hate! It’s obvious you have far more hate than love for your fellow man that disagrees with you. Sorry that talk of heaven from grow-ups is somehow nipple pinching for you but part of being a “grown up” is dealing with a worldview that is different than yours without resorting to hateful commentary

Granted, this comment,while not exactly fury inducing to most people, was apparently fury inducing to the author of this site.
This was his response to me:

Actually, sigh, they say christians are full of love. I SHOULD be full of hate when it comes to dealing with the likes of internet shit bags like you, who pop out of the wood work, unannounced and think that their petty little opinions are worthy of being heard. They aren’t. You are a time wasting scum bag who needs to sit down and shut up, and definitely get the fuck off my channel.

We SHOULD hate you. That’s the point. You are deserving of scorn, mockery and hatred. No, actually part of being a grown up is to stop being a pussy ass little bitch and call people out for their destructive, disgusting, false, child abusing fuckery.
Let me know when you’ve reached that point. Actually, fuck off and die and never return to my channel.


You can imagine that reading this was met with a combination of humor and anger. A part of me says ” why is this bothering you? This person behaved exactly like you thought he would albeit a bit more on the hateful side than normal.”
My first response was to respond with the anger that I felt. What did I say that inspired such a hateful comment? Nothing! However, I must once again look at who I’m dealing with. I sketched a probable description of the person that was talking so hateful to me. He was probably between 13 and 25 years of age ( but more than likely a teenager ) who was PISSED OFF at his mom and dad because they made him go to church and he didnt like it plus he was tired of mom and dads rules and he sure didnt need the church or some god telling him what to do! He was fixing to be 18 and when that happened he was getting a place with his best friend so he didnt have to listen to ANYBODY!!!
Now,I may be wrong about the description but the sad truth is i have seen the exact same thing so many times before. I was not concerned with being a counselor but I was very concerned about one thing.

How does one keep their testimony online?

This is not an easy accomplishment,at times. I find myself struggling every day to keep my Christian testimony. It is one of the hardest things to do ( except for maybe exercising faith ) and I’ll be the first to admit that I fail at this on a daily basis but the point is I want to try and change that. Who cares if I am nice and kind to someone in my family or a person I love ? The point is to show Christian love to those that not only hate you but wish to see you eradicated from planet earth. So, I ask you–How do I deal with this ongoing problem? How do I show love to someone that is online?
I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. If you are not a Christian I really hope to hear from you because I am wanting to gather thoughts and ideas from EVERYONE ( and that includes atheists and agnostics ). Tell me how I should have handled this situation? Please dont respond with “ignore them” or along those lines because the point is I dont want to ignore the situation. I want to at least attempt to do something good in this persons life but how can i do this in the cyberworld??



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