I guess I can chortle at the accuracy of this article.

The Wicked Christian

Call it what you like: hate speech, name calling, bigotry, or bullying.  Here are some of the curious names which either I’ve been called personally or have heard a friend get called simply on account of being a Christian. Some are worse than others. Some are rather funny. Some are downright stupid. You be the judge!

Grand Prize Winner: Jesus Bomber
A Christian who is Republican and believes the US should defend Israel (with bombs presumably) and have troops overseas protecting her interests abroad. I first heard this slur when it was used by a Ron Paul supporter in mockery of Christians who are planning to vote for Mitt Romney. Part of what’s so distasteful about it, is that it seems to imply that Christians who vote for Mitt are akin to terrorist bombers!

1. Churchie
A Churchie is someone who is weird and looked down upon because they go to Church. In…

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