A great post for those that hear the nonsense phrase that “we’re all atheists”.

Theo-sophical Ruminations

Back in September 2010 I addressed a clever rhetorical gem that has become quite popular among atheists.  It’s what I’ve come to call the “one less God zinger.”  It appears in several different forms, but could be summed up by the following representation: “We’re all atheists.  Christians are atheists with respect to all gods but their own, while I am an atheist with respect to all gods, including your own.  When you understand why you reject all other gods, you’ll understand why I reject all gods.”

I invited your criticisms of this zinger, and offered a couple of my own.  Since then I have stumbled on other apologists’ responsetoit, allowing me to further develop my own.  What follows is an updated evaluation and counter-responses.

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  1. I am N O T atheist with respect to ANY of the other gods because,I am A THEIST!! You cant be “a little bit atheist” or a “little bit theist”. Either you are or you arent. I AM a theist so please dont bring up me being an atheist with respect to anything!

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