What if…

This is the first question in my “What If…” series. Comments need to be a serious answer. I’m not looking for jokes. So, here is question 1:

1) What if our society was completely secular??

Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Whats the positive aspects of secular society?? What are the negative??


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  1. A completely secular society would be a very good thing indeed. And remember that a society being completely secular does not mean that nobody has any religious beliefs, or that people are not free to worship as they choose.

    In a truly secular society, the government would stay neutral on any matters regarding religion, with no favoritism for any religious belief or lack of it. No ceremonial religiosity would be included in any government functions. Employers would not discriminate in hiring based on the religious beliefs of the applicant (except for directly religous jobs, such as clergy). Political candidates would keep their religious views to themselves and just talk about the issues. No president could use “god told me to” as an excuse to start a war. Religious displays would not be on courthouse lawns, they’d be on church lawns. Public school science classes would teach science, not mythology. Bishops would not have influence on national health-care policy. And, optimally, people could get along with each other without needing to pry into each other’s faith or lack of it.

    I can’t think of any downsides to keeping religion out of the public arena.

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