Child Pornography–legalize?¿?

This blog contains references to sexual activity with minor children. The author of this blog is in no way endorsing sexual activity with children.
Recently on YouTube I had a young guy (around 18) tell me in a private correspondence that child pornography should be legal. His reasoning?? So that sexual deviants could “fulfill their sexual appetites without fear of jail”. There was no mention of the impact it would have on the children involved. The only reason this person gave for his beliefs was to make it easier for those that are interested in viewing sexual activity of small children. Oddly,the person trying to convince me that this is a good idea was a victim of sexual abuse,so I can understand him wanting to try and change the things that he believes led to his own abuse but I just don’t think exploiting a child for the sexual gratification of another is the most effective way to do that. I am told about research that suggests the position he holds is the most effective way of controlling the crime of child molestation. One of the more confusing statements he made was his belief that “making and selling child pornography should remain a crime”. Well,this confuses me greatly!! I don’t understand you wanting to legalize the viewing of child pornography but wanting it to remain a crime to own and make the film !! His final line of reasoning consisted of trying to convince me that if child porn were legal there would be less child molestation cases for the police to deal with. It was not supported by evidence so I tend to dismiss it but I can see (to a degree) why the conclusion would be drawn but not enough to use it as an argument FOR legalizing. 
Now,I know nothing of child porn advocates and their reasons for their behavior but I submit that the proposal presented me doesn’t have a lot of positive benefits. I’m all for keeping children safer but to propose we should exploit them to keep them safer is rather……silly to me.
I told him I didn’t think he would get a lot of support from the atheist community on this one but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. ( He presented himself as an atheist which is why I seek feedback from atheist community).
I would love to hear from Christians and atheists alike on this one but I feel I’m in the wrong forum for atheist opinions. My reason for aprehension is rooted in the “no-no note” I recieved and warning for posting in the “wrong” forum (which was unintentional) . My goal here was to get feedback from fellow Christians on the matter but I wish to get the atheist POV on this one too.
So,to sum up and re-state my concern: what is your opinion on child pornography? Should it be legal or am I wrong and being “stuck in the age of religious oppression”?

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