WTC Cross

I remember I was driving to work when I decided to turn off the cd player and listen to the radio (not something i did very often) which at that time of the morning was not so much music as it was morning shows. Just about every station has their morning “traffic show” and i decided to tune in. I was just turning off Hwy 109 on to Hwy 70 when I heard the announcement that a plane had hit the World Trace Center. I must admit that it didn’t really cause me to think about terrorism at that point. It was the kind of announcement I had heard before but the difference was it wasnt happening in Iran or Russia. I remember thinking “Wow,it wasnt that long ago that someone bombed the basement of the Trade Center”. However,I continued my relatively uneventful drive to work with nary a thought of what was happening in New York City.

When I made it to my register I was confronted with my Head Cashiers update regarding the tragedy that was still unfolding. Another plane had hit the Trade Centers twin and The Pentagon had also been a target. The plane that was later downed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania was thought to be targeting The White House.It was becoming quite clear that America was under attack. No one,at that point,was sure to what extent,though. I recall the first time I saw the one tower collapse was on the tv at work in the appliance department. Then the second tower fell and I thought to myself “What are we going to do”? I was put somewhat at ease when President Bush made that short speech amidst the rubble. I was filled with a sense of pride when he said that those responsible for knocking “these buildings down are going to hear from ALL of us pretty soon”. Pardon my use of quotes on that sentence as im not sure if that was the exact statement verbatim but its the gist of it. It was a good day to be an American.

Fast forward to 2012. The cross that was found among the ruins (after some minor cosmetic changes were made) has become a HUGE issue for atheists. It may be an issue for other mainstream religions but I am focusing on atheism due to the American Atheists spokesman David Silverman raising such a snit over the cross being erected. Why is this such an issue? Let the cross stand as a symbol of the peace and love for those that lost their lives as well as the survivors.

Okay,so some atheists died that day too…….thats just as much a tragedy but how should we honor the memory of the atheist? If atheists want to erect some sort of respectful memorial to honor their dead then knock yourself out but don’t ask that the cross be removed,as that is our tribute to the fallen. “Our” meaning virtually everyone but secular humanists. I’m sorry if you think it’s somehow wrong to erect a cross but if you try to get it removed you potentially incite other nonsensical acts of rebellion and hostility.

I shall end with a response to David Silvers’ comment in a YouTube video. ” Sorry,Mr Silverman,the cross stays ” !!!


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