The YouTube Atheist

Let me begin by saying that all Americans have the God given….ulp,ahhh I mean have the ………… right to believe ( or not believe ) whatever they want. I don’t judge a persons integrity based on their religion or lack of it.

With that said I must focus on some rather interesting comments I have read with reguard to the topic of atheism. As you may know,atheism is the position one holds when the do not believe in God. I’m not going to highlight the fact that it should say “God/god(s)” because I believe in the truine God and this is my blog….so we do things my way.
If you are unfamilar with the way the video/comment choices work I will briefly explain. One searches for the video of interest and after the video is complete you are given the chance to comment on what you have seen ( some videos do not allow comments and some require authorization for the comment to be posted for the YouTube community to see ) but quite often the comments have very little to do with the content of the posted video. This becomes annoying, to a degree but what I find so repugnant is the hate-filled rants that find their way on to otherwise well put together and informative videos.
What is most offensive for me is the inflamatory
I’m amazed that there have been several atheist/agnostics that are incrediably defensive at the mere suggestion that :
•they are wrong
•there could be another explanation
•that someone else could be right
The number of YouTube atheists is seemingly a large group that feels the power of “strength in numbers”.
A number of hate-filled comments make their way to my inbox and thats okay but why cant everyone on youtube show each other a little respect? We can agree and we can disagree but why attack someone in such an inflammatory manner. What is being accomplished by suggesting Jesus was involved in homosexual activity? This leads me to believe that most atheists/agnostics (not ALL) do not care about finding “evidence” for God,but rather they just hate God. Im sure there are select few that really have a sincere desire for the truth and the only thing that will persuade them to come over to the other side is some form of evidence. What that evidence might be i havent the faintest clue as i have heard many varied answers. Everything from “doing a miracle while showing Himself at the same time” (thats a GOOD one) to the ever popular “…just SOMETHING “. I grow weary of trying to explain the fact that we as Christians go by the Bible,which we believe to be true,and thats enough evidence for most of us but then there is the “personal experiance” with God that cant always be explained in such simple terms. However,its like love in that you know it when it happens. Many atheists will have volumes to discredit what i have just said and on that i dont particularly care. It becomes one big circular argument and i certanly have not the time nor the inclination to try and convince everyone that disagrees with me that i am,in fact,right (at least in my mind).  I will do as my Uncle EJ instructed me to do, which is to share as much as you can (thats what God expects you to do) but beyond that you are powerless. This is why we must lean on God for He has the power. Good day all.


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