What’s Happened To Our Faith?

People have faith in their cars. People have faith in their spouse or significant other. A great deal of our society has faith in their cars’ airbag and even faith that the chef is not going to spit in their Miso soup. So,why is it so hard to have faith in God? Some would say because they cannot “see God”. Well, you can’t see the chef preparing your Miso soup either but you have a reasonable amount of faith that nothing sinister will happen. Perhaps some would say I’m comparing apples & oranges but it would seem that nowdays people LOOK for reasons to question their faith. I’ve had more than my fair share of emails that ask “why should I have faith? What has God done for me?” That’s really not true in my opinion as God has given us a universe capable of sustaining itself. He gave us an earth that is perfectly placed. Most important he gives us the opertunity to fellowship with Him and become rich in His blessings. There will always be naysayers but at the end of the day when I lay my head down I know that I have the assurance that thus world “aint it”. My happiness lies in the hope of tommorow and not the pain of the past.



  1. You can see the kitchen. You can read reviews. You can see the results of the health inspection. You don’t have faith that the chef won’t spit in your soup, you have trust. You trust that the evidence is there should you choose to look for it. Same sort of thing with the other examples you gave.

    Trust is something totally different than faith. Faith is belief without evidence, without even the possiblity of evidence. Some of us believe that our life is best lived by getting as close to the truth as possible in our short lives. Faith ruins that. It’s a non-answer. If we have faith that it will all be better someday, we lose some of the incentive to make this world a better place today.

    1. I dont agree with you on faith killing the search for truth. Just because one has faith doesnt mean one gives up the search for truth in other areas of their life.I dont,however,think science will ever find the “truth” they are looking for when it comes to the hard questions. Its pretty hard to find answers for the supernatural through natural means.

      1. I can certainly agree with that but what I wonder is someone that states that I have faith everything will be alright one day (which is not what I said ) but then will go on to say “we’ll we don’t have all the answers but ONE DAY science will be able to answer questions we have now”
        I’m not quoting humanist action hero but rather the blanket answer that seems to be given by others that live their lives as humanists.
        Thank you Foghorn and I agree truth increases faith.

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