Sunday Blues

Yes, once again it’s Sunday. I have been looking forward to Sundays since I found New Hope church. That’s something new for me as most of my life I spent all week dreading Sundays. As a kid it meant I would be forced to attend a church service that resembled a business meeting or a classroom. Either way I was dis-enchanted. Around 12 years of age we switched church membership and this actually was a positive change as the new church had a fresh attitude and a more modern approach to doctrine that I was better able to understand and thus apply it to my life (or attempt said application,as it were )in such a way that attending church would yield some sort of definable results. Up to a point the church had only fed me information as a teacher would but now that I was developing more as a person the information could be used in my day to day life.
     The information I refer to would allow me to grow as a Christian and as a man. Of course,I cheifly looked to my father for the “being a man” advice but more often than not Dad was on the road so I couldn’t just go to him and there was no sense in communicating via telephone as neither dad nor I really like communicating deep thoughts on this funky looking thing!
     I guess you could say that alot of my core values came from my parents and from the church,as well. More could be said on that subject but that’s for another time and another blog.
     Its probably no surprise that I rebelled against the church and my parents,as one would expect any normal teenager to do but unfortunatly I didn’t “straighten out” untill I was in my early thirties so I wasted alot of time. ALOT of time. 
     There was something inside me that clicked one day. I could no longer continue with this nonsense way of living. What good have I done? I’ve never shared my faith with a stranger. I’ve never given my time in any constructive way to a church or missionary charity. What good have I done? In 40 years of living I can remember only a handfull of times where I’ve professed my faith to someone. It’s time to make a change!!


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